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Business Law Attorney, Business Divorce, Contract Law, Shareholder Dispute Resolution, Payroll Tax Problems, Civil & Business Litigation  Greenwood Village & Denver, CO

Business Partners, Growth, and Governance

Business partners in Denver, CO either have a problem that requires the help of a business law attorney, or they want to avoid problems developing in their business, employee, customer, and vendor relationships.

Lawsuits and Arbitrations

It is a rarity if a Denver, CO business doesn’t experience contract disputes of some kind, and some can’t be resolved without a lawsuit.  When that happens, the best results come when client and lawyer work together closely.

Tax & Financial Problems

There are solutions for every tax and financial problem a Denver, CO business owner may face.  The first step is finding out the options that are available,  and what is involved.

Problems with Government Agency

The government disputes, policies, procedural rules and substantive law used in federal and state agency proceedings are quite different from civil lawsuits.

Real Estate and Construction:  Liens, Title Issues, Contractors, Suppliers

While some real estate construction, purchase, and sale transactions can be problem-free, many are not.  Buyers don’t get what they expected, contractors and suppliers don’t get paid, and liens are filed.

Business and Commercial Transactions

The object of a business transaction is to realize an opportunity without suffering any hitches.  Problems come from inadequate planning and investigation, poorly drafted documents, and incomplete closings.

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Joanne Underhill & Associates, P.C. is located in Greenwood Village, CO and we represent businesses and their owners in the Denver metro area on:

  • Business Partners, Growth, and Governance
  • Business and Commercial Transactions
  • Tax and Financial Problems
  • Real Estate, Contractors, and Subcontractors
  • Government Disputes
  • Lawsuits and Arbitrations

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Legal Terms and Phrases
You Should Know

Business Judgment Rule:

This is a judicial doctrine that states courts should not second guess the informed decisions made by a company’s directors that were made in good faith and in the exercise of honest judgment, and in the lawful and legitimate furtherance of a corporate purpose.   

Legal Insights

New FedEx Ruling Invites Lawsuits From Independent Contractors

Last week the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the top federal court for California and other western states, ruled that 2,300 FedEx Ground drivers had been misclassified.  FedEx said they were independent contractors. The court said, absolutely not, they are employees under California’s law, which looks at whether the company has the “right to control”… Read More

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