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Take control of your legal services and budget

You expect your technology to deliver higher value at lower cost. It’s time to expect the same of your lawyer. Get more service, more predictability, and lower costs.

Resolve customer issues and improve collections

Be proactive in managing customers and customer payment disputes

Every successful business uses clear and enforceable customer contracts that spell out exactly what is being sold, the time for delivery, the price to be paid, the warranties being given, and the company’s remedies if payment is not made on time, including any interest charges, customer’s payment of the cost of collection of past-due amounts, and other remedies. Well-written contracts customized to your business reduce misunderstandings, guide your employees, and speed up collections.

Manage employees better

Strengthen your employee systems and protect your confidential business information

The wise business owner protects his or her business with employment agreements for key employees that control the use of confidential business information and its intellectual property – the “secret sauce” for its success. The company also needs effective systems for hiring, disciplining, and terminating employees.

Gain the knowledge to utilize independent contractors wisely

Avoid predictable pitfalls that lead to unexpected tax bills and fines

Companies that rely on independent contractors must understand how the government agencies interpret the laws governing IC’s, so they can avoid rude surprises after being audited by Pinnacol, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, or the Internal Revenue Service.

Protect your online reputation

Employ best practices

There are several ways to deal with bad online reviews and BBB customer complaints. Some are better than others. Successful companies use best practices to protect their A+ BBB rating and neutralize libelous online reviews.

Consult with your attorney on day-to-day issues in your business, as they arise

Handle issues before they become complex and costly. Never fear legal bill surprises.

When unexpected issues arise in your business, a lawyer’s advice right now can help you understand whether you have a big problem or a little problem, and what to do first to manage the issue effectively.

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