Contractor Edition

Contractors operate in very contract-intensive industries with high dollar values.
The LegalPlan Contractor Edition provides more robust services related to customer
collections and independent contractor hiring and compliance.

Enhanced Customer Collections Legal Services

Stay on top of delinquent accounts. Preserve your rights.
Underhill Law, P.C. works closely with you to implement best
practices in collections, with regard to legal process.

Enhanced Independent Contractor Legal Services

The State of Colorado and the U.S. Government are actively auditing businesses that use independent contractors. If your business is found to have misclassified independent contractors, you could be liable for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in back payroll taxes, workers comp benefits, and penalties. Underhill Law, P.C. will help you to understand your legal obligations and the steps that you can take to protect your business.

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Independent Contractors



Real Estate


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Discounted - Hourly Specialty Legal Services

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